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  • October 1, 2022
  • 4 mins read

Take the first step towards the cloud for your linear news production

The announcement of the end-of-life of old newsroom systems has put many broadcasters in limbo. Modernising, both on the infrastructural side and for the tools used in the everyday operations of a newsroom, is becoming increasingly important.

Should one migrate the old newsroom control room system (NCRS) to solutions that lock one deeper into single vendors or platforms or switch to modern, cloud-native tools?

“Broadcasters need tools available from anywhere and do not require vast amounts of on-premise hardware and maintenance”, says Mads Grønbæk, CTO in 7Mountains. 


He adds:

“A way forward is to start by migrating to the cloud for linear news and, with this, give your journalists and producers modern web-based tools for their everyday news planning. By choosing the right vendor for moving your newsroom to the cloud, the next step forward to story-centric news production becomes easy.“


A new tool for linear news

Dina Rundown by 7Mountains is a stand-alone rundown tool for linear production that launched in September 2022. The product received the Best of Show award at IBC 2022.


With Dina Rundown, producers, directors and journalists can build standard linear rundowns for their news, sports, or entertainment shows in an easy-to-use web application. Dina Rundown is a native cloud application with all the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service tool with its browser-based user interface, tailored for work-from-anywhere.

Dina Rundown is ideal for anyone wanting to transition from the old newsroom tools (NRCS) that rely heavily on internal maintenance and support to a lightweight cloud tool. It serves as a 1-1 replacement for any newsroom rundown application. Broadcasters who want to move to the cloud without significant organisational changes, changes in infrastructure or workflows chose Dina Rundown. 

Dina Rundown customers can easily upgrade their setup to include all the benefits of a full-fledged story-centric newsroom with Dina, which includes master story creation, story planning and publishing across all platforms from within one standard user interface. 

Read more about Dina and Dina Rundown on the 7Mountains website here.   


Collaboration, planning and publishing to all platforms

The story-centric newsroom is organised around the story rather than the delivery platform, allowing a  journalist to effectively and quickly deliver content to linear shows, OTT, SoMe, and CMS. Broadcasters worldwide are migrating to the story-centric newsrooms in the cloud with Dina, which answers the need of a modern storyteller and journalist, built for journalistic creativity and with the story in focus, independently of where stories get published. Story-centric workflows open a new world for broadcasters to collaborate between news departments, web desks, storytelling teams that work with social media platforms, and more. The following steps toward a full-fledged story-centric operation, with Dina, for multiplatform publishing and collaboration across departments, become easy. 


Grønbæk explains::
“In the last five years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in the technology available to newsrooms and a change in workflow requirements. Broadcasters like TV2 Fyn in Denmark, Canal9/Kanal9 in Switzerland, and TVNZ in New Zealand have taken giant leaps towards an entirely new approach to storytelling. It is not just about optimising resources but also about telling stories more thoroughly with every journalist working from the same playbook."


Dina in the TVNZ newsroom. Image courtesy of Stem Media. 


TVNZ shares insights into their strategic process toward cloud and story-centric in a recent video interview by Stem Media. See the video interview on the 7Mountains website here

Grønbæk adds: 

“Broadcasters that choose Dina as their new NRCS do this as part of a strategic process to move to the cloud, reduce costs, and work more efficiently across their linear and digital news teams. Industry know-how and experience in broadcast workflows have proven to be key to the success of 7Mountains.”


This article was submitted for the September edition of InBroadcast 2022


7Mountains is a software company founded in 2018 and is part of the technology group Fonn Group. The 7Mountains team are the inventors of Dina, a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud and the newly launched Dina Rundown, a stand-alone rundown tool for linear production. Dina's customers are, amongst others, TVNZ, TV2 FYN, TV SYD, ausbiz, GB News, and Canal9 | Kanal9. Read more about Dina and Dina Rundown on the 7Mountains website here.   

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